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BCR Investigations & Consulting Solutions

Welcome to BCR's Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting Expert Service offerings for Corporate, Civil and Criminal Matters.

BCR's vast EXPERIENCE provides practical learned wisdom to aide our client's decision making.

BCR's experience brings valuable EXPERTISE to the services we provide.

BCR's management philosophy adheres to high standards of INTEGRITY.

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BCR Investigations & Consulting Solutions provide services for individuals, law firms and corporate clients who require precise and judicious investigation in a discreet manner. Our investigation & consulting services will provide detailed facts pertinent to the issues at hand with strategies that conform to your needs, interests and time frame. At BCR, we strive to meet the highest levels of professionalism, thoroughness and integrity.

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Experience, Expertise, and Integrity...It's what sets us apart. Schedule a free consultation.


BCR offers detail oriented personnel who have many years of experience conducting a wide range of investigative matters at the local, state and federal levels, as well as in the private sector for corporations, law firms and individuals. Our investigators have years of experience developing information for criminal cases requiring proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” and as such, are proficient in examining and finding evidence hidden in the minutiae that are often missed. This vast experience enables BCR to offer sapient advice to our clients that enable better solutions, whether it be for criminal or civil litigation, or business decisions. Our meticulous investigators operate judiciously and hold to high standards of integrity.

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BCR personnel possess expertise in a wide range of investigative and security matters, from employee policy violations to complex conspiracies of international scope. Whether it be combing through volumes of records, interviewing subjects and witnesses, or employing other investigative techniques, we are fully capable to sift through mountains of information and zero-in on the facts you need to prove and resolve your matter. BCR and our trusted network of associates can provide the expertise needed in forensic accounting, forensic interviewing and other investigative techniques that can be memorialized through expert reports and testimony when necessary.

BCR knows that detailed evidence often rules the day when it comes to investigative facts. Oftentimes, complex financial transactions and data are difficult to explain to judge and jury. Our knowledge, skills and abilities, combined with analysis of evidence, facts, and financial transactions will produce clear and concise arguments. We have ample experience in providing written reports with demonstrative exhibits that augment oral testimony in complex trials, describing simple to obscure financial transactions.

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Integrity is paramount to an effectual and judicious investigation. BCR’s management philosophy adheres to Honesty, Loyalty, Sound Moral & Ethical Principles, Character, and Trustworthiness. We believe these traits are a Hallmark of our success.

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Our extensive experience provides clients with a wide range of investigative experience and business acumen that enables us to understand client needs. With this understanding, BCR investigators are well equipped to engage in matters involving, but not limited to, the following:

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Ron Oliver

Principal Owner

Ron Oliver is an experienced investigator with over 32 years of complex investigations experience. Mr. Oliver retired as a Senior Special Agent / Intelligence Officer. His federal law enforcement career began with twelve (12) years at the US Department of the Treasury, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, followed with another fourteen (14) years with the US Department of Justice, Bureau of ATF. He conducted complex investigations involving tax crimes; currency crimes; corruption; interstate transportation of stolen goods; illicit cigarette trafficking; arson for profit; explosives; currency crimes and money laundering committed by individuals, business & government officials, and criminal enterprises including Mexican and Colombian drug cartels. Most of these investigations involved domestic and international conspiracies. Mr. Oliver became an expert at “Following the Money” and linking details of criminal acts to financial transactions through forensic accounting techniques. He has worked long term investigations with many local, state and federal agencies covering an expansive jurisdictional arena.  In 1997, Mr. Oliver was one of six special agents who were first to receive a Director’s Award For Superior Performance In Support Of Litigation from The Executive Office of the United States Attorney General. In 1999 & 2000, Mr. Oliver taught Financial Investigative Techniques for USDOJ, Asset Forfeiture & Money Laundering Section (AFMLS) seminars to audiences of law enforcement personnel and Assistant United States Attorney’s.

In 2014, Mr. Oliver was recruited by a former supervisor to assist with a contract held for a Fortune 100 corporation for eighteen (18) months. Mr. Oliver examined claims consisting of bank records, ledgers, financial statements, tax returns, correspondence, open source information and other documents for indicia of fraud. When found, he referred written reports detailing the fraud to counsel and provided subsequent litigation support when needed.

Mr. Oliver has continued to operate in the private sector with corporate clients, law firms and individuals. He has handled a myriad of investigative matters, oftentimes employing forensic investigative techniques, and providing clients with advice and services relating to litigation, prosecution and/or internal use.

Mr. Oliver’s 26 years as a special agent enables him to be well adept at evaluating, determining and referring criminal matters for state and federal prosecution when appropriate. Since retiring from government service, Mr. Oliver has referred multi-million dollars of fraud in both civil and criminal cases.

Mr. Oliver holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Kentucky; is a graduate of five (5) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center special agent courses; and is a Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE)  & Certified Financial Crimes Specialist (ACFCS). Mr. Oliver is also a testifying expert.

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